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We offer following facials to meet your unique facial needs. Pick the one you like or call us for consultation and we will be happy to answer all your questions, make recommendations and book an appointment.

Chemical Peel ($45 & Up) 

A chemical peel, also known as chemexfoliation or dermapeeling, uses a chemical solution to improve the appearance of your skin. In this treatment, a chemical solution is applied to your skin, which causes trauma or injury to your skin’s layers. The skin layers eventually peel off revealing more youthful skin. The new skin is usually smoother with fewer lines and wrinkles, has a more even color and is brighter in complexion.

Herbal Facial ($45)

Herbal facial comprising of Cleansing, Extracting, Toning, Massage, Mask and Protection (use of protective coverage) helps to maintain the youth and natural beauty of the skin. All areas of the face and neck are treated according to specific needs. Different strokes, movements, directions and pressure are applied to different areas. It helps to move circulation, induce relaxation and delay aging.

Acne Treatment ($50)

The treatment is based on a highly effective and clinically proven procedure for the treatment of acne and pimples. It helps to decongest and purify the skin, curing and soothing eruptions.

Teen Facial Cleanup ($45)

Adolescent skin generally produces more sebum or oil than more mature skin due to hormone changes. Although the skin is usually well hydrated at this age, excessive oil can contribute to acne.  In addition to a good daily skin care routine, a teen facial can help to unclog blocked pores, reduce oil and diminish the appearance of pores and clear acne. The basic components of a facial include:

  • Light cleansing preparation
  • Facial steamer use that open the pores
  • Deep cleansing
  • Exfoliation to improve skin's texture
  • Facial masks to draw out impurities
  • Toning the skin
  • Moisturizing to prevent oily renewal

Oxygen Facial ($50)

The Oxygen Facial provides instant revitalization that helps to transport oxygen molecules directly into the skin, also inhibits bacteria and​ prevents skin problems. The facial infuses the skin with essential minerals and natural vitamins.

Gold Facial ($50)

The Gold Facial, based on Ayurveda, is a powerful anti-aging treatment, which not only stimulates blood circulation and improves skin elasticity but also accelerates cell renewal and reverses oxidation damage.

Vegetable Peel ($25)

A powerful treatment for texturizing the skin, Vegetable Peel makes the skin clear, smooth and free from blemishes. It has been used in the treatment of scars and blemishes, restoring health and beauty to the skin. The herbal extracts not only help to heal and soothe the skin, but also aid in the regeneration of new cells.

Anti-Aging Facial ($55)

Why do we need an anti-aging facial? As we age, our skin gets thinner and dryer. It loses collagen, which gives it a thick, plump appearance, and elastin, which makes it snap back quickly. The time it takes for healthy young cells to migrate to the topmost layer slow down, which makes skin duller looking. And our faces are more exposed to the elements, and get lines and creases from all the facial expressions we make.


An anti-aging facial might include a chemical peel, collagen masks, and special serums that have antioxidants like vitamin C or ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which attracts water to cells) exfoliates and nourishes the skin to promote clear, well-hydrated skin.

Pearl Facial ($55)

Based on Ayurveda, the Pearl Facial uses products containing powder of pearls. Research has revealed that pearls influence the transfer of melanin (natural pigment that bestows color to the skin) to the skin surface, filtering sun's rays and counteracting sun damage. Pearls also contain powerful nutritive elements, minerals and proteins, which strengthen the skin and improve its moisture and retention ability.

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